Thank you for allowing us to introduce our company, Texas ROC Contracting. We are an independent core drilling company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Open 24/7

Our goal is to assure customer satisfaction and provide the best possible service at reasonable rates. We look forward to serving you soon.

Our Services

  • Mobile core drilling/saw company.
  • Able to drill/saw according to prints or site plans
  • Set poles @ drilling site if needed
  • Drill tilt wall and retaining wall holes
  • Can schedule drilling during business hours convenient to customer
  • Core hole sizes available from 1.5" - 14"
  • Sawing for trades (electrical, plumbing and data)
  • Price based on quantity needed, No trip charges
  • Million Dollar Auto/Liability Insurance

If you need further information for the above services please give us a call or email.